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Vendredi Juin 23 , 2017
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Tronix DJ - THE ALBUM // out now

Tronix DJ - The Album

Hello everyone,

The 24.03 was a big day in my musical career: the release of my first album.

After 4 years of work, I am proud to present it to you. Get ready for a journey through Hands Up, Electro and Dance Music.

I would especially like to thank singers (Colourist, Gemma Burman, Stephanie van Stockum and Toni Fox) for their work on vocals, producer (Roxor) for collaboration, Central Stage of Music team (Benjamin, Anna-Patricia, Loick, Yanis, Pierre) for their confidence and all the fans and friends for their support.
I would also like to thank all the remixers who worked on the singles from the album.

You can listen to the previews here:

You can buy the album here:…/tronix-dj-the-alb…/3363755-02/…/s~details,u~7000069…/xe/details.html

Thank you for your support



Deep Spirit - No Cover Song (Tronix DJ Bootleg)

Hey yo,

New Bootleg online. Check it here :


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